What is the Role of a Front-End Developer? Skills, Technologies, Salaries

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frontend developer role

Frontend developers are typically tasked with writing code, analyzing code, debugging applications, and implementing designs. A frontend web developer creates what users see in their browsers. They’re responsible for the look and feel of a website or application. They use design, coding, analysis, and debugging skills to build the client side of a website. We are looking for a Front-End Web Developer who is motivated to combine the art of design with the art of programming. Responsibilities will include translation of the UI/UX design wireframes to actual code that will produce visual elements of the application.

What is a Front-end Developer?

A front end developer salary depends on several factors such as experience, workplace, or size of the company hiring. Furthermore, include your best projects – you can have a list with hundreds of skills. But letting potential clients see something that you’ve created and you’re proud of is worth much more than all the skill lists. CareerFoundry is an online school for people looking to switch to a rewarding career in tech. Select a program, get paired with an expert mentor and tutor, and become a job-ready designer, developer, or analyst from scratch, or your money back. We’ve created a full guide to how to get your first coding job, but here’s some guidance for now.

He has extensive knowledge of front-end JavaScript and browser APIs as well as significant experience with popular frameworks and libraries like React and Redux. Johnathan’s deep full-stack experience includes Node.js and Express, MongoDB as well as more traditional technologies like PHP, ASP.NET, and MySQL. Front end developers also commonly use the libraries built on these programming languages like AngularJS, jQuery and React; and design frameworks including Foundation and Bootstrap. CSS extensions, such as SASS, provide improved modularity and power.

How to Write a Front-End Developer Job Description [Template]

So, you shouldn’t expect a front-end programmer to have exposure to all tools. You should consider the project, set your needs, and then look for a developer with the required skills. The most significant difference between the two developers is their area of work or expertise. A front-end developer focuses on the user side and works with UI and visual elements.

Writing a good job description and a corresponding job ad requires proper separation of concerns. It’s possible to teach yourself code, but that doesn’t mean your formal education doesn’t matter. Many frontend developer jobs prefer or even require that you have a related degree. https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/middle-frontend-developer-react-typescript/ If you don’t have one, you’ll have to make sure your web development portfolio speaks for itself. Front-end developers are responsible for optimizing user experience. They work on implementing a responsive design and all the visual elements of your app or website.

Why is it important to get the front-end developer job description template right?

Iryna Bilyk is an expert content marketing manager at YouTeam – a marketplace for instant engineering team extension. She passionately discovers and writes about technology, innovations, and software development solutions. Among the three, JavaScript is the most popular language for 67.7% of developers, according to Stack Overflow 2020 survey. However, you will not find many developers relying solely on JavaScript today. It doesn’t always suit the complex needs of modern software or web apps.

frontend developer role

Front-end developers need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in order to create effective, responsive, and engaging user experiences. Increasingly, developers with no higher education or on-the-job experience are becoming ideal candidates for many roles. Many of the world’s leading tech companies have taken notice and no longer require a four-year degree. Employers that hire developers from a more diverse range of backgrounds could have a leg up when it comes to scaling their teams.

Requirements and skills

It allows them to find out and record changes made to an app or a website. Along with that, your programmer will use style sheet languages like CSS to develop your app or web layout. You will also notice differences in the salaries between front-end and back-end developers. In the US, back-end programmers earn $120,309 per year on average. If we look at places like the UK, average salaries range around £46,912 per year. We already said at the beginning that front-end developers are in charge of the appearance of a website.

  • For any development process, you will need to hire both front-end and back-end engineers or find an experienced full-stack developer.
  • This template includes examples of the front end developer roles and responsibilities and skills which are typical for such a position.
  • Regardless of their work environment, front-end developers typically spend a significant amount of time working on a computer, writing code and testing their work in different browsers and devices.
  • Most front end developers use CSS preprocessors to add functionality to CSS coding, making it more scalable and easier to interact with.

After you’ve created your account, you will start the competition right away. A front-end developer’s primary responsibility in an agile team is to create the software interface. According to the job description for a front-end developer, this individual is an essential part of any development team. Alexa has over 15 years of experience in designing and developing websites.

Step 1: Come up with a plan for your learning

The title of a graduate from a coding bootcamp might look different than a candidate with a four-year degree. And the role of a developer in a five-person startup will be different than at a 5,000 person company. The most important qualification for becoming a frontend developer is proficiency with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a few of the other skills listed above. Part of your job as a frontend developer will be to ensure that your work looks good on any major browser. That means understanding the differences between browsers and testing your designs on them. Some websites will have separate versions for desktop and mobile versions, but more commonly, you’ll need to build the site to be mobile-responsive.

frontend developer role

Both roles are important for the development of a successful website or application, and they often work together as part of a larger development team. Back-end developers, on the other hand, focus on the behind-the-scenes components of websites or applications, such as the server-side logic, database management, and APIs. They use programming languages such as Python, Ruby, or Java to create the back-end functionality that supports the front-end components.

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